With a focus on pain pharmacology, APS brings years of expertise in behavioral pharmacology to bear on to your projects, helping you prioritize leads and select development candidates. At APS, we understand the importance of delivering quality data as rapidly as possible. Our turnaround times are unmatched and our rigorous approach to positive controls ensures that you will finish with quality data on which to base your crucial go/no-go decisions.

We also understand that the development of novel therapeutics requires the development and validation of novel models and assessment methodologies. Contact us to determine how we may be able to help you with the unique challenges facing disease modeling and efficacy assessment.

When you have chosen your development candidates, let APS continue to help with your program needs through our Toxicology Services. From dose-ranging on through acute and chronic studies, and from mice to canines, APS can help you establish safety and tolerability profiles of your lead molecules.

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